When your wedding is over, the tan from your honeymoon has faded, and your dress is all boxed up in your closet, what will you have left?  Memories of course...of your loved one walking you down the aisle, of committing your life to your best friend, the look on your mom's face as you dance with your dad. And you'll have your photographs. Life is fast and it’s happening in real time. This means we only get one chance to capture your friends and family on this day, one shot at getting the moment your dad tears up as he walks you down the aisle or as your mom tells you how proud of you she is on the dance floor. I believe wedding photography matters because YOU matter. That being said, weddings are not about the photos. They are about a marriage, about adding a new member to your family, and the legacy you leave to your children. And it's my job to tell that story. Wedding packages start at $3500, and my clients invest $5000 on average into their wedding experience. If you're interested in an heirloom photo album, framed prints or canvases I am happy to show you my samples! I encourage my clients to save up a little more and invest in quality photo albums and prints. Most of our photos live on our phones these days, and it's important to preserve your family's happiest moments. I offer the highest quality products and would love to create lasting art with you.