Rana + Lulu Pearl + Apple Pie

I spent the afternoon with Rana, Lulu and Apple Pie the pup at their 1800s estate in the middle of nowhere, Indiana. We ate wild violets, rejoiced over super special top secret news, picked lilacs, frolicked through the fields and laughed so incredibly much. Such a special place in my heart for this little family I love so much.    Portra400 dev/scan TheFINDLab


The Frankens

One. Two. Three. Four.

I declare a thumb war. Jk, I have short thumbs and that's a terrible move on my part.


One. Two. Three. Four.

Luca. Rhys. Colby. Sidney.

All so different, yet alike in so many ways.

Britt & Alex's legacy.

Here is a glimpse into their life together, as a family of six.